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    Wrote a song? Need music arranged for it? Now you can Collaborate with Producer / Musician jHunt and together produce a Life filled musical master piece. As a singer, rapper, song writer, musician & artist himself, jHunt has the creativity & skills necessary to help you flesh out a musical concept for your song(s). jHunt creates music spanning multiple musical genres including Reggae, Rake and Scrape, RnB, Rap, Gospel, Calypso & more! All produced with his personal style & feel.

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Services Collaborations can do any of (or combination of) the following...

Music Composing

Music arranged for songs written by artist or musician. This is ideal for song writers who have words and no music

Studio Musician Live

Hire jHunt to play Piano, Bass Guitar, Lead Guitar & to program Drums & 808s for your tracks

jHunt Beat Exclusives

Coming Soon!
jHuntBeats Music Store. Soon you'll be able to purchase beats produced by jHunt for your songs

Beat Remixes

When inspired by a beat you heard and can't use it, hire jHunt to produced a remix version of that track for your song

Song Writing

jHunt writes all of the Hooks, Verses & Bridges for his own songs, he can do the same for yours. #No More Writer's Block

Artist Feature

jHunt can feature as a Rap Artist on your tracks too! By request, he can drop a quick 16 bars or more to help tell your song's story and heart

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